Bombe de bain à la cannelle et à l'orange / Orange and cinnamon bath bombe - Vintage Romance

Orange and Cinnamon Bath Bomb

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Effervescent bath bomb.

Ingredients and their benefits:

Sodium bicarbonate: Natural product, alkaline, soothes and softens the skin, relieves eczema.

Corn starch: Natural product, relieves sunburn and irritation.

Citric acid: Natural ph regulator product, which makes fizz.

Coconut oil: Natural product, moisturizes, nourishes and repairs the epidermis.

Epsom Salt: Natural product, eliminates dead skin, relieves muscles.

Sodium cocoil isethionate: Natural product, derived from coconut fatty acids, foaming.

Essential oils: Natural product, therapeutic, several benefits depending on the essence, perfumes the water.

Caution: Do not store products in direct sunlight or in damp conditions. So do not leave the product in the bathroom, because the product will no longer effervesce. Use within 3 months to keep product fresh.

• Handmade

• Made in Quebec