Bandes adhésives réutilisables Strip-Tease- Noir

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​Applying false eyelashes can be pretty trying experience, but with this revolutionary new reusable Strip-Tease adhesive strip,the task is made a whole lot easier.

Say goodbye to smudges and stuck-on eyes! At last, a product that's quick and easy to use.

• 100% Animal cruelty-free.
• Reusable
• Easy to use
• Luxury quality
• Vegan



Explanatory video: How to use the revolutionnary Strip-Tease glue strips


1-Using your fingers, first remove the old Strip-Tease strip from your false eyelashes.

2- Take the paper and press the Strip-Tease strip directly onto your false eyelashes display. Be careful not to touch it with your fingers!

3- Using the false eyelash applicator, gently press the Strip-Tease strip and false eyelashes together. Then gently pull the lashes down along one side. Trim excess strip.

4- Your luxury flase lashes are now ready to use!


1- If the lashes don't stick, you can rinse them with warm water and dry them gently with a hair dryer to continue using them.

2- Put the lashes back in the box after each use.

3- In winter, as the temperature is colder, you can gently dry the false eyelashes with a hair dryer to soften the reusable glue strip before applying them. This improves the adhesion and stability of your luxurious lashes!


Photo and graphism by Rose Meli Dee