Black Glamour Seamed Stockings H2044

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Black seamed stockings are one of the most iconic items of clothing from the 20th century, instantly adding intrigue and glamour to your ensemble.

This Glamour Seamed Stockings are made in Italy which is the heart of quality hosiery manufacturing. The seam is crisp, slender and elegant - all the better to show off your pins. This Curve Seams are knitted slightly looser than standard nylons which allows them to stretch to fit your curves more comfortably, so please be extra careful when putting them on.


Need to know :

•  Striking contrast seamed tights inspired by 1950s seamed stockings

•  Contains elastane for a perfect fit combining comfort of today with glamour of yesteryear
•  Sheer 15 denier with a contrasting heel and seam to the top of the leg
•  Made in Italy, famous for it's hosiery manufacturing
•  Made from 87% Nylon, 10% Elastane, 3% Polypropylene
• Small to Medium: 5ft1 to 5ft7 (110-145pds)
• Medium to Large: 5ft7 to 5ft11 (120-175 pds)

• Curves: 5ft1 to 5ft9, thigh (28-36")